Garden Hose Repurposing: Creative Household Uses


Garden hoses, often overlooked, can find renewed value through creative repurposing. If you have an old or unused garden hose, don’t be too quick to discard it. With a dash of imagination, you can transform it into a versatile asset for various household projects. In this article, we’ll explore ingenious ways to repurpose garden hoses for practical applications, ranging from safeguarding your drawers to crafting pet toys.

  1. Drawer Liners and Cushions:
    • Harness garden hoses by cutting them into sections for use as cushioning or liners in drawers and cabinets. Trim the hose to the desired length, slice it lengthwise, and position it at the drawer or cabinet base. This clever hack prevents items from shifting and protects delicate surfaces.
  2. Door Draft Stopper:
    • Seal gaps beneath doors to thwart drafts and keep insects at bay. Slice the hose lengthwise and attach it to the door’s bottom for an effective draft stopper.
  3. Tool Handles:
    • Enhance tool handles’ comfort and grip by sliding on a section of garden hose. This application proves particularly beneficial for hand tools like shovels, rakes, and hoes, reducing strain during use.
  4. Hose Guard for Vehicles:
    • Safeguard garage walls or vehicles from door collisions by slicing a garden hose lengthwise and securing it to the wall or the car’s side.
  5. Bumper Guard for Bicycles:
    • Wrap garden hose sections around bicycle frames to provide protective cushioning in case of impacts. This not only absorbs shocks but also prevents unsightly scratches on car racks.
  6. Knee Pads for Gardening:
    • Recycle garden hoses into gardening knee pads for comfort and durability. Cut the hose into sections, slit them lengthwise, and secure them around your knees while tending to your garden.
  7. Pet Toys:
    • Craft interactive pet toys by knotting small garden hose pieces. Dogs, in particular, revel in playing with hose toys. Prioritize cleanliness and eliminate sharp edges before introducing them to your pets.
  8. Storage Hooks:
    • Transform garden hose segments into storage hooks by cutting them into short sections and bending one end into a loop. These homemade hooks are ideal for hanging lightweight garden tools, extension cords, or seasonal decorations in your garage or shed.
  9. DIY Sprinkler:
    • Convert an old garden hose into a cost-effective DIY sprinkler by drilling holes along its length. Connect it to a water source, turn on the water, and let it efficiently water your lawn or garden.
  10. Protective Coverings:
    • Use sliced garden hose pieces to cover sharp edges on outdoor furniture or playground equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  11. Plant Support:
    • Create plant supports for delicate or sprawling plants by cutting garden hoses into rings and positioning them around the plants. These rings offer gentle yet effective support.
  12. Pool Noodles:
    • Slice the hose into sections, slit them lengthwise, and use them to craft DIY pool noodles. These repurposed noodles provide added safety and comfort when enjoying your swimming pool.
  13. Drip Irrigation:
    • Utilize leftover hoses to establish a straightforward drip irrigation system for your garden. Create small holes along the hose’s length, bury it near your plants, and connect it to a water source for efficient and controlled watering.
  14. Hose Art:
    • Embrace creativity by transforming hose segments into captivating garden art or sculptures. With a touch of paint and imaginative flair, you can craft captivating pieces to enhance your outdoor space.


Give old or unused garden hoses a new lease on life through inventive repurposing. From safeguarding your drawers and doors to crafting pet toys and enhancing garden tools, the possibilities are endless. By exploring these creative ideas, you not only minimize waste but also find innovative solutions to everyday challenges. So, before you dismiss that garden hose, consider the multitude of ways it can serve anew in your home.

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